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My blog articles

A haven of luxury and serenity, preserve your identity
Ethical luxury
Explore the strategies of French luxury brands in reconciling luxury and ethics while preserving their identity, adopting new relational approaches, and implementing brand-led sustainability.
Sensory luxury in the garden Sustainable wood, bedroom view
Sustainable luxury trends
Boost your online presence with a social media audit: discover why it is essential for a successful digital strategy.
Ethical digital marketing in luxury transparency, authenticity and responsibility for sustainable growth
Ethical digital marketing in luxury
Ethical digital marketing in luxury: transparency, authenticity, and responsibility for sustainable growth.
Make a strategy
Social media audit for luxury and ethical brands
Boost your online presence with a social media audit: discover why it is essential for a successful digital strategy.
Makeup tutorials created by brand ambassadors are currently highly popular
UGC : An opportunity for brands
Discover how fashion and beauty brands are transforming their online presence through user-generated content, reinforcing authenticity and engagement while reducing content creation costs.
Beauty reals are trending
5 Reasons to create reels on Instagram
Find out why Instagram Reels are essential for fashion and beauty brands: reach more, be creative, captivate your audience!
Today communicate on social media is essential for brands
Communication in the fashion industry
Explore key communication strategies in the fashion industry, such as advertising, content marketing, fashion events, and collaborations, to promote products and create a strong brand image. Also, find tips to stay up-to-date with the latest communication trends.
Plan your publications using an editorial calendar
An essential tool: The editorial calendar
Learn why the editorial calendar is an essential tool for community managers, providing organization and consistency for an effective social media strategy.
Instagram stories are important in marketing
4 Reasons to use Instagram stories
Discover the four reasons why Instagram stories have become an essential marketing tool for businesses looking to creatively and engagingly reach their audience.
Digital Communication became a key for beauty companies
Communication in the beauty and cosmetics sector
Digital communication has become a key element for beauty and cosmetics companies worldwide.
Social Media Analyse
Why conduct a social media audit?
A social media audit is essential to optimize your online presence, effectively target your audience, and adapt your strategy to market trends.
A Community Manager Freelance office
Why hire a community manager?
Hire a freelance Community Manager to develop your online presence in fashion and beauty, with an effective digital strategy and high-quality content.
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