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Ethical luxury: Preserving identity

In an ever-changing market, luxury brands face a major challenge: reconciling luxury and ethics. Faced with a social revolution questioning consumption and an environmental revolution demanding significant changes, these brands must rethink their identity and impact. This article explores the strategies adopted by these ethical luxury brands to evolve their image while preserving their identity.  As well as the importance of genuine and specific commitment to succeed in this transition.

A haven of luxury and serenity, preserve your identity
A haven of luxury and serenity, preserve your identity

Ethical luxury : new relational approaches with consumer

To meet the changing expectations of consumers, luxury brands are adopting new relational approaches. First and foremost, they become more accessible, inclusive, and seek to play a positive and inspiring role in the lives of individuals and society. Additionally, by opening their doors, they invite consumers to participate and even co-create with them, thus strengthening their engagement with their audience. As a result, this fosters a deeper connection between luxury brands and their customers, ultimately enhancing brand loyalty and satisfaction.

Avoiding pitfalls

However, it is crucial for these brands not to fall into the trap of generic promises and social commitments that do not align with their true identity. Reflecting on what truly matters to them is essential. Indeed, they must establish a mission or a cause rooted in their history, vision, and DNA. By doing so, they can build credibility and legitimacy in their new commitments.

Brand-led sustainability

The “brand-led sustainability” approach helps luxury brands reconcile luxury and ethics coherently. This approach involves understanding the company’s deep identity, its journey, strengths, and specificities. By making unique and specific commitments, these brands stand out and manage to convince their audience. Moreover, these commitments must translate into tangible actions, going beyond mere words and promises.
An exceptional, luxurious kitchen crafted from authentic wood, emphasizing sustainability
An exceptional, luxurious kitchen crafted from authentic wood, emphasizing sustainability

Firstly, the reconciliation between luxury and ethics is a major challenge for luxury brands in France. However, by adopting new relational approaches, avoiding the pitfalls of overpromising, and relying on a “brand-led sustainability” approach, these brands can successfully undergo transformation without losing their identity.

Furthermore, by rethinking their impact and implementing real and tangible commitments, they can position themselves as responsible and inspiring players in the luxury industry.

Laurie, Ethical Luxury Community Manager.
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